Work Out Goals

I just got back from working out. It was at an outdoor gym, you know those sad sets of bars that are usually uncomfortably close to children’s play areas? It was also raining—double fun. But, I’m not going to bore you about how much that workout sucked, you’re a smart cookie, you know all work outs suck 😉

I’m writing this, not to say how awesome it is being healthy—it’s tough, but rewarding—rather I think it’s just generally good to have small, short-term goals. As a person who has a lot of trouble feeling like I’ve made progress without some external sign posts along the way, writing about my journey might be a decent solution.

My goal over the next three months is to be able to do 10 proper pull-ups. I’m currently at about 4 consistently. I am in better shape than I’ve ever been but this is one place where I’ve seen the slowest progress. (As Sun Tzu once said: I’ve got too much junk in the trunk.) Until I can do them properly, I’ve been doing a load of eccentric or negative pull-ups… if you’re at all interested. As a happy aside, training the top half of my meat-tube body has straightened out my posture considerably.

My next step is probably going to be working up the arm strength to hold my phone at eye-level for 6 hours 😋


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