WWDC ‘18 Hot Takes

Some small thoughts, made rashly, immediately after watching the keynote:

  • The focus on performance on older devices was excellent. I’m not just thinking about my friends and family, no, I’m more excited to know that all that power and silicon they’ve mentioned on stage year after year will be restored to their former height.

Apple Books is redesigned using serifs!

  • How hot is Apple Books? Serifs? Anyone know what that typeface is in the headings? Also, skeuomorphic books? Subtle but playful touches in iOS again, yes please.
  • Finding out what the Workflow team has been up to made me yelp audibly. Much to the confusion of my neighbours, I’m sure. I love Workflow and I’m very excited to hear how this all strings together.
  • Notifications updates are fine. I have most of mine turned off anyhow. Perhaps, I’ll need to revisit my strategy.

The horrors revealed in Screen Time.

  • I think the data from Screen Time will be painful to look at; therefore, I will not look and continue to live deluded.
  • While I expected it, I was a bummed out that the iPad wasn’t mentioned in the keynote. Hopefully, there are more details that didn’t make the cut, or were saved for the State of the Union.

macOS Mojave is a real looker.

  • The focus on the Mac was pretty awesome all in all. I’ve been thinking about the desktop a lot recently and the Mac is, without question, the most thoughtful and well considered desktop platform. Many of these touches may appear frivolous or merely cosmetic, but the depth of consideration in this platform is unrivalled and unmatched anywhere in the computing world.

Overall, great keynote. I can’t wait to hear more details in greater depth over the next few months.


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