X.Org Being Sent to the Farm

While everyone in my Twitter feed is talking about the departure of Jony Ive from Apple (a big deal, for my future readers to remember, but one I am personally ambivalent about), another massive change dropped from a Red Hat employee's blog post: X.Org will be put in maintenance mode.

Given the crawling release cadence, it probably already has. Red Hat's announcement isn't a death knell, anyone is free to pick it up and contribute, but the current largest contributor is moving on. This is a move that I'm sure will draw some consternation, but Wayland's maturing (though not entirely for many use cases that we currently take for granted, screen recording, anyone?) and thick-heeled companies, like Nvidia need to be put on notice before they'll do anything whatsoever to contribute.

I've recently moved to Fedora, particularly for first-rate Wayland support (mixed DPI display environments are a travesty in Linux). And I suspect that many more will take the plunge after this news.


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