I work on a Mac for my jobby-job. It's Unix-based and has access to all of the *nix based tools you know and love from Linux, so what's the problem? Well, dear reader, the problem is that tmux is slooow on macOS. Not train wreck slow, but when you open a larger file inside a pane, you can feel each line peel at your skin.

Zellij is working itself up to handle all of tmux's main use cases. It's a work in progress for the fledgling Rust project. You can track their progress here. Right now, it's mainly a multiplexer for your terminal, which is fine (great even if you've not considered using multiple terminal windows yet!). What I'm waiting for is persistent session support... that and it's promise of speed. Heck, I should probably switch now and use tmux only for ssh connections.

(I'm riffing here, so don't mind me: I wonder if persistent sessions and multitasking between projects are not actually helping my productivity but harming it. I promote jumping between projects because it's an easy habit, I don't have to commit anything to git quite yet and this little thing I need to check on will only take a couple of minutes... I won't lose my frame of mind in both places and spend more time remembering what I was doing than actually doing it, right? I realize I just wrote a paragraph explaining why I couldn't possibly use Zellij or even my bare terminal, but maybe I'm wrong here.

I am going to need to get back to you, dear reader, on this one. An experiment is in order!)


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